Job hunting …..The New Interview/Expectation of the Employer…Are you Ready?

Are you ready for how the world has changed in a few short months in taking on a new employee? Are you ready for the new interview process?  It is no longer about that firm handshake in that first few seconds, that 3 second first impression or judgement which considered if you stood up in […]

We’ve been working remotely successfully for several years. Can we help you?

*Disclaimer: this video was created on the 23rd of March 2020 before the recent additional measures announced to the UK. We are now working completely remotely.

UK jobs market ‘shows signs of slowing’

Our thoughts on the attached article; “I have to say this feels true to us as a recruitment agency but not because we feel there is a slow in the economy, the jobs are still there but we are a lot slower to fill them because of the lack of brilliant people. It is important […]

October 23, 2019 Post Comment News

How will automation affect the UK manufacturing jobs market?

Charlie Ryan AKA The Recruitment Queen comments on “How will automation affect the UK manufacturing jobs market?”:   This is both an interesting and I would say, accurate article on what I have seen of automation changes over the last few years. It would be a worthwhile exercise for employees to get ahead of the […]

Charlie Ryan comments on: ‘Is Blind Recruitment Truly Gender Blind?’

Charlie Ryan The Recruitment Queen commented on the following article:   “I think it is interesting how determined we are to prove that we are providing equal opportunities when in some cases we are moving towards a world of not recognising the benefit of the differing sexes and how they approach things. Providing […]

Why You Need to Consider Flexible Hours

CMR Recruitment – Employers! First Impressions Really Do Count!

We’re always talking to our job hunters about making a great first impression, but what about the companies – are you reading their first impression and what impression are you making?

A Good Recruitment Process

Charlie Ryan takes you through a good in-house recruitment process.

CMR Recruitment – A good agency will need more!

A good agency should be asking you for a lot more than a job description…

February 13, 2019 Post Comment News

Probation Best Practice

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