CMR Recruitment understands that this is the most challenging time for an individual and hence why the experience a job hunter has with any recruiter (good or bad) is likely to have a high impact on their job hunting success.

A job hunter is not normally at their most confident when they are job hunting and the role of a good recruiter is to help bring out to a future employer what you can and can’t do and more importantly what you want to do and how you want to be of value.

The consultants at CMR will support you to take yourself to the market to secure the right opportunity and we can only consider you for that opportunity once we have met with you either face to face or over video link.

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In order to be successful on your behalf we are reliant on getting to know you very well, therefore should we have an opportunity for you, a CMR Consultant will undertake a full interviewing process with you.

Our commitment to you is honesty, in terms of why you can or cannot be put forward for a position. You will know where you rank in terms of other candidates competing with you for the same role and it will be up to the company and you to decide if the role is going to work for you. You will get feedback for every interview you attend whether you are successful or not.

Our candidates become our employers of the future and they continue to work with CMR Recruitment as a result of mutual respect which creates the foundation for our long term relationship.
What more could you want? At CMR we assume nothing, but we are open to what you do need and want from a recruiter so let us know now. Priding ourselves with the leading stance we take on candidate care we have to be continually open to know what you want. So what are we missing?

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