Playtime is over for staff

Charlie Ryan The Recruitment Queen says:   “Employees and applicants during the recruitment process want to feel valued. Fun isn’t really what is required, although sometimes “fun” can contribute to the individual feeling valued. Your employees and applicants through the recruitment process need different things in order to feel valued and that is where employers […]


**A Hung Parliament**

Charlie Ryan The Recruitment Queen’s thoughts and comments: A hung parliament…. Probably the worst scenario possible for the country when stability and certainty is required. I am beginning to feel across the country in general, that uncertainty and some instability is becoming the norm. There has been a real feeling on this Monday morning with […]

“Hi I’m Mel” – Meet Mel our new Administrator!

Find out who Mel is and what her role at CMR Group is Can I hear a “Welcome Mel!”


A Day in the Life of Kylie Ross – CMR Angel

Senior Consultant for CMR Recruitment  6:00am:  Jump out of bed and get reading for the day ahead. Freya is 7yrs and Lucia is 3yrs, I make sure they are all ready and had sufficient breakfast before we leave the house. 8:15am:   Leave the house with the girls. 8:45am:  Drive Freya to school and drop […]

Sick on the job: UK employees three times as likely to go to work unwell than ‘pull a sickie’

“It is interesting how we feel the need to prove how ill we are before we take time off when taking that time off sooner would lead to a faster recovery. I see it in my own team and I applaud it and occasionally need it, but there are times I have to step in […]

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.51.46

#HappyBirthday!! Charlie Ryan Parody!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE ONE AND ONLY The Recruitment QueenCHARLIE RYAN! If you are looking for a giggle in this very sad week, the best we can do is share this hilarious parody for our dear BOSS!   #Parody #BossLady #HappyBirthday #CMRAngels

Confident graduates head for the exit

Charlie Ryan says: “There are a number of reasons for the drop in graduate retention at the end of their second year and this reflects the fact that in many cases “any” degree was considered even if it wasn’t relevant to the subject or job and then the individual didn’t have the same desire or […]


Real wages fall as employment hits record high

Looking at both the employers and job hunters side of this recent article release – Charlie Ryan The Recruitment Queen has published her views being highly experienced in both points of view! Employer take Employers won’t feel that wages have dropped in real terms regardless of what the compounded impact economy results tell us. Employers […]


Tonbridge company apologises to jobseeker for ‘oddball’

“Time and time again we see how irresponsible some individuals can be where they have the task of sifting through cvs, making judgements which could effect negatively someone’s career. I think we as humans will always judge others in line with an opinion based on our own experiences, but all this highlights for me is […]

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Live Q&A: How to use social media successfully in Job hunting

Another Facebook Live by the fantastic Charlie Ryan! BUT this time she will be talking about “How to use social media successfully in Job hunting” Charlie’s last Q&A’s have been a huge success with multiple questions coming through and a huge viewers amount – so we look forward to some fresh new viewers and questions […]

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