Why You Need to Consider Flexible Hours

CMR Recruitment latest video on “Why You Need to Consider Flexible Hours”

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2 Stage Interview Process

Why you shouldn’t use more than one agency

Is testing candidates before they apply the future of recruitment?

Personality testing candidates before they apply isn’t the school of thought we subscribe to unless you will be using the results later on in the process. If the results are being used as a clear screening in or out tool, I would find this to be unfair. It is nearly suggesting that there is a […]

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This month has seen a lot of change for the CMR team, we have a new member, Ellie joining, whilst a familiar name to many, Lauren, is leaving. Although CMR are sad to say goodbye to any member, it is a positive step for both Lauren and the company, and all of us at CMR […]

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Facebook Live – Work Experience: Is it worth it?!

Join The Recruitment Queen live on Facebook talk about whether Work Experience is worth it! Ask her job related questions and start discussions. Email to get your questions in early then head back to this page to join LIVE on 5th December! <a href=”″>December Live CMR</a>

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You don’t have to trust your gut!

I hear all the time from employers that they trust their “gut” and if they get a good feel that the individual is right then they recruit them. I am not going to rule out the “gut feel” at all however, what I am going to do is suggest that we have evidence which supports […]

November 9, 2017 Post Comment News

We’ve Been Awarded – The ‘Best Small Business Award 2017’!!

I am delighted and honoured to be awarded The British & Ireland Trade Alliance “best small business” 2017. My allegiance to both countries makes this all the more special and for an award to be as a result of nominations, as opposed to entering, adds to the honour. I would like to pay tribute to […]

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5 Step Recruitment Process

Take a quick look into our Recruitment Process! An informative VIDEO by CMR Recruitment.

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Why You Need to Consider Flexible Hours?
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