Charlie Ryan AKA The Recruitment Queen comments on “How will automation affect the UK manufacturing jobs market?”:
This is both an interesting and I would say, accurate article on what I have seen of automation changes over the last few years. It would be a worthwhile exercise for employees to get ahead of the game by examining their own job in the workplace and identifying what changes are likely to come about in the next 10 years. Then starting to question, “What can I do to add the mental skill and difference to make this job of more value so that I am still a valuable commodity in the workplace?” or “What more do I need to be doing now to retrain to ensure I am of value to the market in general, even if not my current role or workplace?”
Get ahead of the game and then you will feel more in control of any change. Don’t hide from the worst that might happen and then even if it does, it doesn’t feel as bad as it would have been as you have prepared for it!
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