This month has seen a lot of change for the CMR team, we have a new member, Ellie joining, whilst a familiar name to many, Lauren, is leaving.

Although CMR are sad to say goodbye to any member, it is a positive step for both Lauren and the company, and all of us at CMR wish her the very best in her new job.

Lauren Denhard says:

“When I joined CMR in 2013 I was around 6 months out of University and unsure of what I wanted to do. Having joined as a Resourcer I was fortunate enough to develop and take on the responsibility of Office Manager and Personal Assistant to Charlie. The knowledge and development I have had whilst here has been vast and amazing. Whilst I have learnt a lot, I do believe there comes a time in everyone’s journey when a new challenge, environment or job is needed, and I felt after nearly 5 years I had reached that point.

Before I did anything, I had a conversation with Charlie and made her aware (I have to say I really was not looking forward to telling her, but she was brilliant about it). This honest conversation worked well for us both, I could take time off for interviews and begin my handover early, whilst Charlie could start the recruitment process in advance. After the whirlwind of being a job hunter, I have secured a new position and so will be finishing with CMR on Friday 22nd December.

We pride ourselves on having a strong team relationship, and so I do think this demonstrates staff leaving doesn’t have to be seen as a negative situation, and although I’d like to think I will be missed (greatly), change can be positive and who knows what the future holds.

It has been a pleasure working here and on behalf of so many great Clients. I will miss the team but I have to say, I don’t think I will miss the world of recruitment!! :)”