rachel-pine-standingI am the Business Development Consultant at CMR Recruitment. My role is to engage with local businesses and let people know how we work as a recruitment agency and how we can help them when looking for staff.
So, a day in my life:

5.30 am – the alarm goes off and, as usual, I feel like I have not had nearly enough sleep. I’m off to one of my weekly networking meetings and trying to arrive there by 6.30 am. The meeting kicks off at 7.00 am and I am breaking all the rules by frantically texting under the table to make sure my two sons are up – one to go off to work and one to school!

8.30 am – into the office and I read through 2 new job descriptions that have been emailed to me so I can call the client at 9.00 am to ask all the extra questions we need to know about the right person for the jobs. We always meet clients beforehand but this is a client we have already met and have visited their offices, so we already know a lot about them. One of the roles is highly technical so I work hard to truly get to understand the role and the requirements.

9.15 am – I get some time with Charlie to discuss the 2 new roles and which consultants we will have working on them. Once this is agreed I put all the information and notes onto our system so the consultants can read them and ask me all the necessary questions. They can then draft up the job advertisements and get those placed.

10.00 am – we are running a local initiative with St Joan of Arc School helping the sixth form students with the skills they need to move forwards from school. I spend the next 1.5 hours on this project, engaging with local companies to become involved in this voluntary initiative with us by offering time to give the students practice interviews within their own premises next February.

11.30 am – I sit down again with Charlie to have a catch up generally about clients and the St Joan of Arc project. Nicola is going to manage the 2 new roles so I book some time with her.

12.00 am – now I get onto the job of Business Development – I spend the next hour following up on clients and trying to get a foot in the door with some of the local companies we would love to work with.

1.00 pm – I grab a sandwich from our fabulous local sandwich van.

1.30 pm – I spend an hour and a half on LinkedIn – looking at which companies are advertising jobs and also what is happening in some of our clients generally and who is moving / leaving / joining. I follow this up if I know the contacts and if not I connect with them on LinkedIn. I also need to use LinkedIn to connect with the list of people I met at another networking group earlier this week.

3.30 pm – I leave the office now to go home and step back into the Mum role. The boys are older now so I tend to find it is less of the physical and practical help but much more of the mental and emotional support – which is far more challenging. I still have some emails to send and some to respond to and a couple of clients to call back. More emails arrive that need attention and I turn off from work mode at 5.30 pm and serve dinner – probably the biggest challenge of the day for me.

6.30 pm – I take one of my boys to football training and pop along to another local networking event – we really do find these events useful for making new contacts. Picking my son up from the training en route, I get home around 8.00 pm and watch a bit of rubbish TV with personal paperwork on my lap. I seem to be the only one in the house that needs sleep – so I go off to bed around 10.30 and read my Kindle.

In today’s world it seems that the daily job can’t really be condensed into the usual working hours – especially in recruitment when a lot of people want to give their time to it in the evening. Another day beckons tomorrow ………