Senior Consultant for CMR Recruitment 

6:00am:  Jump out of bed and get reading for the day ahead. Freya is 7yrs and Lucia is 3yrs, I make sure they are all ready and had sufficient breakfast before we leave the house.
8:15am:   Leave the house with the girls.
8:45am:  Drive Freya to school and drop her off.
9:15am:  Drive Lucia onto nursery and drop her off.
9:25am:  Walk in the door and change from my Mummy hat to my Recruitment consultant hat (whilst I am finding the hat, I do manage to make a cup of tea)
9:30am:  Look at my emails and listen to any voicemail messages that have been left. I also speak to Lauren and see what priorities have changed and what new jobs I am to work on, as well as any other business I need to be aware of.
10:00am:  I conduct my first interview of the day which is an Internal Sales position.
10:30am:  Look at all the advert response for the jobs I am working on and also search for quality candidates on the job boards.
12:30pm:  Another Skype for an Accounts Assistant position.
1:00pm:  Contact clients and update them on their roles and what we are finding in the market.
1- 2:00pm:  Whilst responding to my emails I will quickly eat something and make another cuppa.
2:30pm:  Think about packing up and not being late to collect Lucia from nursery
2:45pm:  Sit in the car with Lucia waiting for the school gate to open so I can collect Freya at 3:15pm, In this time I look at my emails all whilst singing ‘Incy wincy Spider’.
3:30pm:  I have collected Freya from school and go straight home (unless it is a Tuesday and I have to then take Freya to Tennis and drag Lucia reluctantly with me.) Oh what fun!
4:30pm:  Preparing the girls dinner, whilst speaking to candidates whom are now able to talk and making sure that I don’t overcook the girls dinner. I could also be sending emails to candidates or clients if a interview has been arranged for the following day.
5 – 7:00pm:  I do have my mummy hat back on and make time to do Freya’s homework and also bath the girls and get them cosy in bed.
7:00pm on wards:   I check my emails and call back candidate’s. Sometimes this is the only time they can talk as they are at home. When required I also do a Skype interview before I eat my dinner as I am useless after that!
8:00pm:  I switch off and get some rest for the next action packed day.