Charlie Ryan is the founder and Managing Director of CMR Recruitment, a recruitment business providing recruitment support to SME’s right through to corporate firms.CMR Recruitment was started in 2009 after a successful 18 years in the recruitment business. Charlie believed that recruitment should not be about money but about people – ensuring that everyone has a chance to “be the best they can be”. She wanted to make a difference in the challenging world of recruitment.

Highly dynamic and energetic, Charlie embraces all areas of “people within the workplace” so that employees are motivated and working in the right positions, with employers recruiting, managing and retaining their staff through an understanding of individual’s personalities and motivations.

Prior to launching CMR, Charlie worked as Commercial Manager for companies such as Mortimer Spinks and JPA to set up new commercial divisions. It was this experience that ignited her desire to make a difference in the world of recruitment. When she first started her own company it became very apparent that there was more she could offer than just placing a great candidate into a business and so CMR Consultant and The Recruitment Queen were born.