A Day in the Life of Rachel Fowler:

I am the Business Development Consultant at CMR Recruitment. My role is to engage with local businesses and let people know how we work as a recruitment agency and how we can help them when looking for staff. So, a day in my life: 5.30 am – the alarm goes off and, as usual, I […]

Robots screen Vodafone candidates

Charlie Ryan says: “I don’t think it will come as much of a surprise to us that there is now AI which can assess and judge our suitability from an uploaded video interaction. I think this will save a lot of time in the recruitment process and have some advantage, however it is still only […]

Are you dreading entering the world of job hunting?

In-house Workshop: Job Hunting Advice From An Expert Are you dreading entering the world of job hunting? Are you disheartened at all of those applications you have sent and heard nothing back? Do you need help on writing a winning CV? If so Charlie Ryan, an expert within the Recruitment Industry, is running an interactive […]

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