Playtime is over for staff

Charlie Ryan The Recruitment Queen says:   “Employees and applicants during the recruitment process want to feel valued. Fun isn’t really what is required, although sometimes “fun” can contribute to the individual feeling valued. Your employees and applicants through the recruitment process need different things in order to feel valued and that is where employers […]

**A Hung Parliament**

Charlie Ryan The Recruitment Queen’s thoughts and comments: A hung parliament…. Probably the worst scenario possible for the country when stability and certainty is required. I am beginning to feel across the country in general, that uncertainty and some instability is becoming the norm. There has been a real feeling on this Monday morning with […]

“Hi I’m Mel” – Meet Mel our new Administrator!

Find out who Mel is and what her role at CMR Group is Can I hear a “Welcome Mel!”


A Day in the Life of Kylie Ross – CMR Angel

Senior Consultant for CMR Recruitment  6:00am:  Jump out of bed and get reading for the day ahead. Freya is 7yrs and Lucia is 3yrs, I make sure they are all ready and had sufficient breakfast before we leave the house. 8:15am:   Leave the house with the girls. 8:45am:  Drive Freya to school and drop […]

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